Join us for a Valentine's floral virtual painting class under the wonderful teachings of Brooke Ring! Whether you’ve never picked up a paint brush or you're working as a professional artist, this class is for you! Enjoy this step-by-step painting tutorial in the comfort of your home!


You will have access to the recording of this class for 1 year! Please note that supplies are not included!

This recording is 2 hours, but typically takes between 2.5-4 hours to complete! Feel free to pause the class as often as you need to work at your own pace or to complete this painting over multiple paint sessions.

If you share photos, please tag with the hashtag #lestudiob


DISCLAIMER: Please enjoy painting along with this class for your own practice & enjoyment! However this work may not be recreated for sale or distribution of any kind! 

Supply List

  • 1 Canvas - Size 16"x20"

  • 3 Paint Brushes - Round No. 1, Round No. 6, Flat No. 10 (Optional Flat 3/4")

  • 6 Acrylic Paint Colors - Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium, Mars Black, Naphthol Red Light, Permanent Green Light, Titanium White, and Ultramarine Blue

Meet the Artist

Brooke Ring

Brooke Ring is an artist from Greenville, SC. Brooke holds a BA in Fine Art from Furman University where she graduated in 2012. Her work centers around the theme of femininity and she is best known for her colorful floral arrangements. The main focus of her work is to communicate joy and capture a lighthearted playful attitude. The bold brush strokes and colorful palettes combined with the simplification of form result in paintings filled with an approachable energy and movement.